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Welcome to Battery House Plus!

How the business originally started:

Battery House Plus originally started from scratch! From the making of the Kiosk to the last tidbits of maneuvering the glass to make it fit!


Akil and Malti are the sole owners of Battery House Plus. Akil was originally born in India and moved to Canada where he married his wife Malti of 10 years. Malti is a Teacher with Edmonton Public Schools and has been teaching for 12 years. With her personality and attitude, she works hand in hand with Akil. Akil and Malti have 2 beautiful children – Abhay and Aneeka. With their busy schedule, they maintain their schedule of having a great balance with work and family.


Akil is extremely knowledgeable and has been in the jewellery business all his life. He learned the business from his father who was the owner of a few jewellery stores in India. As well, he has managed several jewellery stores in Edmonton.

With 5 years experience under her belt, Malti’s mother Pam is a great asset to the business. She works full time as a Dayhome operator and volunteers her time to the business on the weekends.

Boutique Jewellery:

All jewellery pieces that are designed come from Montreal as one of a kind, boutique pieces. It is very rare that you will see the same thing at Battery House Plus unless it has been specially ordered.

Our Motto:

We strive for excellence with exceptional customer service!